UFH Statutes

Articles of Association of the registered association "Klinikparterschaften @UnifiedForHealth"

§1 Name and registration office of the association 

  1. The association is called "Klinikparterschaften@UnifiedForHealth" 
  2. The association is a "registered association" 
  3. The association is based in Giessen 
  4. It should be entered in the register of associations and then has the addition eV 
  5. The fiscal year is the calendar year 

§2 Purpose of the association

  1. The purpose of the Association is, in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal 3 of the Agenda for Sustainable Development, to contribute to the WHO's stated goals of universal health coverage through its projects. The model for universal basic health coverage includes not only medical measures such as preventive health care or the treatment of diseases with medication, but also general measures for poverty reduction, health education and food security, which have an indirect influence on health care. 
  2. The concept of the association is based on the establishment of transnational partnerships that develop and implement joint projects through regular exchanges of experience and reciprocal visits abroad. The focus of the clinic partnerships initiative is on health prevention and health education through the provision of information, mutual knowledge transfer and education. 
  3. The focus of the initiative-clinic partnerships is on health prevention and health education through information transfer, mutual knowledge transfer and education.  

§3 The association fulfils its tasks by: 

  1. Organising exchange trips 
  2. Providing logistical and financial support for visits abroad 
  3. Organising informative events 
  4. Cooperating with other associations working with the same and similar projects 
  5. Maintaining the network as well as cooperating with doctors from different countries and specialties. 
  6. Regular group meetings 

§4 Non-profit 

  • The Association shall act in a not-for-profit manner; it shall not primarily pursue economic purposes for itself 
  • The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the section “tax-privileged purposes” of the tax ordinance.
  • The funds of the Association may only be used for the purposes set out in the Statutes. In their capacity as members, the members shall not receive any benefits from the funds of the Association. 
  • No person shall be favoured by expenses that are alien to the purpose of the Association or by disproportionately high remuneration 

§5 Admission of the members

  1. Any natural or legal person can become a member of the association. The board of directors decides on admission after a written application.
  2. This person votes on the entry by majority decision. The new member will then be entered in the member list.
  3. There is no admission fee.
  4. The membership is effective after the decision of the board of directors.
  5. A member can be expelled from the association if his behavior grossly violates the interests of the association. The general assembly decides on the exclusion.

§6 Resignation of the members

  1. Permanent memberships can be terminated verbally or in written manner at any time and shall end upon receipt of the notice of termination. 
  2. Membership ends with the death of the member (in the case of legal persons with their expiry).
  3. The resigned or excluded member has no claim against the association's funds.

§8 Membership fees

  1. No admission fee is charged 
    1. No membership fee is required

§9 Organs of the association consist of 

  1. The Board of Directors 
    1. The general members

§10 The board of directors 

  1. The Board of Directors of the association consists of 
  2. a. The Chairperson of the Board of Directors 
  3. b. The Chief Financial Officer 
  4. c. The Chief Executive Officer
  5. The executive committee is authorized to represent the association in the sense of § 26 BGB (German Civil Code). It consists of the chairperson, the chief financial officer and the chief Operating officer. Each of them represents the Association individually. 
  6. The board of directors is elected at the annual general meeting for a period of two years. The elected persons are explicitly listed in the minutes of the meeting and must jointly sign the founding minutes, but each board member remains in office until a new election has taken place.

The Chairperson's responsibilities include: 

  • Official spokesperson for the Association 
  • Represents the opinion, attitude and goals of the Association 
  • Responsible for the general management of the Association. 
  • Keeps track of the activities of the association 
  • Keeps the membership list

The Chief Finance Director's responsibilities include: 

  • Formulating a written report of expenses/income for a specified period 
  • Actively seeking new sponsors 
  • Preparing thank you letters
  • Collecting and filing invoices in a structured manner 
  • Keeping track of the current financial situation 

The responsibilities of The Chief Executive Officer include: 

  • Supporting accessible internal and external communication. 
  • Overview of individual communication platforms. 
  • Maintenance, updating and promotion of online activities (Website, Facebook, Email) 
  • Co-responsible for the development and distribution of materials for promotion (flyers, Facebook events, posters).

§11 the association members

  • Are entered in the membership directory and are entitled to vote in majority decisions
  • Can represent the board of directors if this is decided by a majority of the board of directors.

§ 13 General Assembly

  1. Shall take place at least once a year and shall be announced by mail at least 2 weeks in advance. 
  2. The ordinary general meeting shall be held once a year. In addition, a general meeting must be convened if the interest of the association requires it or if at least 1/10 of the members request the convening in writing, stating the purpose and the reasons. 
  3. Each general meeting shall be convened by the executive committee in written or in text form by e-mail, observing an invitation period of 2 weeks and stating the agenda 
  4. The chairman of the executive committee shall be the chairperson of the meeting and, if she/he is unable from attending, the chief executive officer shall be the chairperson of the meeting. If both are not present, the Chief Financial Officer shall chair the meeting. 
  5. The General Assembly shall appoint the recording secretary. 

§14 Quorum of the association 

  1. Any General Meeting that has been properly convened shall constitute a quorum regardless of the number of members present Any general meeting duly convened shall constitute a quorum irrespective of the number of members present. 
  2. Substantive or financial decisions shall be taken at meetings or through online procedures A simple majority is required

§15 Adoption of Resolutions 

  1. Voting shall be conducted by raising of hands or electronic consent (by email, online voting, etc.) 
  2. One of the members shall be designated in advance as the keeper of the minutes 
  3. Changes to the purpose of the Association shall be the responsibility of the Association members

§17 Dissolution of the Association, Disposal of the Association's funds

  1. A simple majority of the valid votes submitted is required to dissolve the Association.
  2. In case of dissolution or abolition of the Association or in case of discontinuation of tax-privileged purposes, the funds of the Association shall go to L'appel Deutschland e.V., which shall use them directly and exclusively for charitable, benevolent or ecclesiastical purposes.