Public Health Exchange

Within the region of  San Francisco Menendez the Microred Cara Sucia contains the following health care units, so called "Unidades Comunitarias de Salud Familiar".  A Public Health Exchange is possible in the following places:

  1. El Zapote
  2. Garita de Palmera
  3.  Cara Sucia

Besides a traineeship a the „Unidad de Salud“ the project aims at working in a Public Health Project. Thereby a close collaboration with so called Promotores de Salud is intended. Promotores de Salud (Public Health officers) are involved in informational and preventive health events, census and vaccination.


  • language skills (B1)
  • clinical skills (at least one year of clinical studies)
  • Openness for different aspects of health care provision.
  • Flexibility

Duration:  6 Weeks

Housing: Indivudual housing may be organized in connection with the local Physician.

Application and contact: Please send us an application including a letter of motivation and CV to: