Hospital Partnership - Kenyatta National Hospital & University Clinic Frankfurt

The partnership project between Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), Nairobi/Kenia and the University Hospital in Frankfurt (UKF), with the objective of establishing a surveillance system for Healthcare associated Infections and a System for Antimicrobial Stewardship resistance, is supported by UnifiedforHealth and Public Health Club Kenia with a focus on medical student engagement.

A partnership between UnifiedForHealth, Public Health Club, Kenyatta National Hospital and University Clinic of Frankfurt aims at strengthening existing activities and elaboration of new activities with emphasis on.

  1. Infection Prevention and Control in Health Care (IPC)
  2. Containment of antimicrobial resistances (AMR)
  3. Quality of care

Actions to achieve the target include: Enhancing of IPC unit activities, by engaging medical students in elaborating workshops. Moreover Public Healh training, research methodolgy and Community Health participation is inteded to be part of the exchange visit.

These actions are based on four main functions:

  • technical guidance and implementation
  • capacity-building
  • measuring and learning.

By establishing workshops led by Kenyan and German students, with the aim to sensitize on Infection Control, Quality Universal Health Coverage and antimicrobial resistance, (AMR) we strive to raise augmented awareness on these topics.

The workshops shall help to implement new strategies and procedures, which help to optimize not only infection management. In addition new methods shall be discussed and developed, that contribute to the concept of Antibiotic Stewardship. Bilateral exchange visits between Kenyan and German students shall create the opportunity to complete clinical rotations, scientific projects and trainings.

Communication: Monthly reports via mail, blogging and Skype conferences with situational analysis, progress and areas of improvement of the partnership are intended. After completing an exchange visit, written reports shall be elaborated.

Organization: and Public Health Club Kenia


  • Independent and reliable work ethics.
  • Fluent in spoken and written word in English.
  • Participants from Nairobi and Frankfurt shall be present during the time of the return visit to actively facilitate the organization of the stay of the partners.
  • Clinical precognition.
  • Flexibility

Duration: At least 4 weeks

Application: Letter of Motivation including previous expierences in related fields and CV