Public Health Exchange – Ecuador

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SOFE - Sociedad forjando esperanza, Riobamba

The collaboration between SOFE - Sociedad forjando esperanza and UnifiedForHealth is still fresh: SOFE's passionate local volunteers for public health and social justice welcomed our first volunteer in autumn 2021. In addition to promotion of basic health care, the organisation's focus is on all kinds of educational and social projects, that you can find on their facebook page.

UNACH - Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo, Riobamba

In autumn 2021 we started a collaboration with the International Relations Office of the public Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo in Riobamba. In 2022/23 incoming volunteers will have the opportunity to work with Ecuadorian students in two different public health projects: One of them offering specialized individual counseling and care to a group of 55 disabled people in a community near Riobamba and one research class on traditional and modern medicine which involves traveling to a remote Guarani community (an important indigenous group in Ecuador) in the rainforest, carrying out interviews and offering medical brigades there.

Past collaborations

From 2014 to 2021 UFH had an active cooperation with the Fundación Omar Mosquera (FOM) in Riobamba, that focuses on setting up mobile clinics in the villages of the Andes surrounding Riobamba. After many years of successful volunteering, the collaboration was ended in 2021 due to differences in the direction of value development. 

SOFE volunteer work with cancer patients
SOFE volunteer work in a child & youth centre


All costs have to be covered by the students. You stay with families or in a flat with the other volunteers (organised by FOM or SOFE). Omar asks for the following contributions to cover his costs:

  • 200$/month accommodation and breakfast
  • 300$/month transport, lunch, dinner

Flight costs: around 900$ (for travelling allowance can be applied via the bvmd)

How long should you stay?

We ask a minimum of 4 weeks, but preferably you stay longer - up to 8 weeks.

What does it need to be accepted?

  • a very good level of Spanish (B2)
  • basic clinical skills (clinical examination etc.)
  • an open mind and tolerance about resource scarce settings
  • flexibility
  • no fear of hands-on and self-learning

When and where to apply?

You can apply during spring (April, 15 - May, 15) or fall (November, 1 - November, 30) term via the homepage of the bvmd. You can also contact us directly at any time. 

What is needed for an application?

  • CV
  • letter of motivation
  • language certificate Spanish

Any questions left?

Please contact us via