Join one of our regular team meetings:
We meet online on the second Wednesday in every month at 7pm CET (central european time)
> Past and future dates 2022:
Jan 12
Feb 9
March 9
April 13
May 11

Additionally, the steering committee meets on Thursdays of all uneven calendar weeks at 7pm to exchange updates. 

If you want to join us with a question or idea, write a mail:
Monthly Meeting December 2021

Past events:

Annual Meeting 2021

Community Meeting & Public Health Quiz 22.05.2021

Global Ideas Lab @ BVMD Buko in Gießen 30.11.2019

Humanitarian Congress 17.-18.11.2019

Global Ideas Laboratory 17.11.2018

Annual Meeting 2018

Antimicrobial Resistance Workshop 17.08.2018

Nairobi Learning Lab 03.03.2018

InnovationIncubator and LongLunch in Gießen 29/30.04.2017

Universal Health Coverage Day 12.12.2016

#feastofideas 22.10.2016

GießenLongLunch 26.06.2016

Global Village 11.04.2016

OpenAir Screening 29.06.2015