Join one of our regular team meetings:
We meet online on the first Wednesday in every month at 7pm CET (central european time)

Additionally, the steering committee meets on Thursdays of all uneven calendar weeks at 7pm to exchange updates. 

If you want to join us with a question or idea, write a mail:
Monthly Meeting December 2021

Past events:

Annual Meeting 2021

Community Meeting & Public Health Quiz 22.05.2021

Global Ideas Lab @ BVMD Buko in Gießen 30.11.2019

Humanitarian Congress 17.-18.11.2019

Global Ideas Laboratory 17.11.2018

Annual Meeting 2018

Antimicrobial Resistance Workshop 17.08.2018

Nairobi Learning Lab 03.03.2018

InnovationIncubator and LongLunch in Gießen 29/30.04.2017

Universal Health Coverage Day 12.12.2016

#feastofideas 22.10.2016

GießenLongLunch 26.06.2016

Global Village 11.04.2016

OpenAir Screening 29.06.2015